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flavor - Electronic Cigarette Questions & Answers

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eSmoke cartridges
Asked by visitor on 2010-10-20 09:05:40

Hi! I have a question about eSmoke cartridges. What is the difference between Tobacco M PRO and Classic Tobacco PRO?

Tags: flavor | eSmoke tweet this

 Answered by Owen on 2010-10-20 09:19:33

Tobacco "M" is Marlboro flavor and Classic Tobacco is a generic tobacco flavor.

Deluxe Package
Asked by visitor on 2010-10-15 06:44:00

Do you need to charge the unit when you first receive it or does it come already charged? How do you tell what flavor a cartidge is? If you wish to change a cartridge do you need to wait until you have used the entire cartridge or can you change them out before it is empty? Thank you, Wendy

Tags: flavors tweet this

 Answered by Owen on 2010-10-15 09:49:00

most vendors ship their kit with charged batteries. Please check the manual or the getting started guide. The flavor is often indicated on each cartridge with a letter, i.e. V for vanilla. But it depends on the brand. Sometimes only the box with the cartridges indicates the flavor and nicotine level.
Yes, you can switch to a different cartridge at any time. Just store all used or unused cartridges in a dark place away from sunlight and heat.

Asked by visitor on 2010-10-12 10:06:48

I have a 4081 and I have tried different flavors but they all taste the same to me and the taste isn't very satisfying. I have cleaned the atomizers and used new atomizers to no avail. what am I doing wrong? There can't be that many sastisfied people out there if i'm not doing something wrong. Is there one brand of e-cig that have outstanding flavor compared to others? thank you in advance

Tags: flavors tweet this

 Answered by Owen on 2010-10-12 11:37:35

I personally think that all brands' flavors are somewhat weak. It is not like a chewing gum or lollipop :) In my opinion most smokers switch to ecigs for the nicotine and for continuing the physical act of smoking.

small 2 part e-cigarette
Asked by visitor on 2010-08-25 19:55:09

I am looking for a 2 part e-cigarette that is no bigger than a regular cigarette, that is lightweight and prefer to be able to order flavors like clove on my first order. Is there any that offer all of this? Thank You

Tags: size | weight | 2 part | 2 piece | flavors tweet this

 Answered by Owen on 2010-08-25 11:05:56

The lightest ecig I know is blu but it is a 3-piece. All 2 piece ecigs I know are little larger than regular cigarettes. Good options here are
South Beach, SmokeTip, GreenSmoke

Not sure which brand has glove flavor but most allow other flavors on first order.

0 nicotine flavors for non-smokers
Asked by visitor on 2010-08-16 19:20:55

I notice that there are 0 nicotine flavors. Would it be stupid for a non-smoker to want to use the e-cig to get 0 calorie effects of the flavorful juices? I looked up the lewhiff chocolate inhaler being that\'s being marketed as a chocolate-craving fulfilling experience. But it is so expensive and non-refillable. The idea of the e-cig appeals to me on a relaxation level. Do the flavors actually 'taste' good? If so, what would be the harm in using the 0 nicotine flavors as a pleasant relaxation for a non-smoker? Just wondering? btw, I'm 54--not a kid.

Tags: zero nicotine | non smoker tweet this

 Answered by Owen on 2010-08-16 19:28:21

In general I tell non-smokers to stay away from ecigs since they are not a "toy" but an alternative to smoking tobacco. I would recommend the same to you.

The flavors (in my opinion) are good but not too strong. Don't expect a full flavor. I don't think it would fulfill your chocolate cravings ... :) But you can give it a try - especially since many companies offer a 30 day money back guarantee ...

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