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What are Electronic Cigarettes?

According to a recently conducted Survey 92% of e-cigarette users feel better and their friends & family support their switch!

what are electronic cigarettes An Electronic Cigarette is a battery operated smoking device.

This rechargeable smokeless cigarette contains no tobacco and requires no flame.

It produces a vapor without tar but with better flavor than traditional cigarettes.

How Electronic Cigarettes Work

e-cigarette and cartridges The e-cigarette consists of a battery, a heating element (atomizer or vaporizer), and a cartridge.

The cartridge is the mouth piece and contains the flavor and nicotine.

When you inhale through the device the heating element vaporizes a nicotine solution stored in the cartridge.

An LED on the opposite end of the smokeless device simulates a glow during inhalation.

electronic cigarette

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

smokeless ecigs
  • No tobacco and No tar
  • No smoke and no lingering odor
  • Saves money - cheaper than smoking real cigarettes
  • Replicates smoking experience - satisfies cravings
  • Use Anytime almost Anywhere!
  • Choice of flavor and strength
  • Makes your family like you more :)

Testimonials and Tweets

iconI'm in love with my ecigiconJust got an e-cigarette, gonna quit smoking :-)
iconI love my e-cigaretteiconI haven't smoked for a whole 24 hours now. I love my electric cigarette so much.
iconGot my electronic cigarette. Time to quit smoking!iconOk just got myself the greensmoke electronic cigarette kit... Liking it and am on my way to quit by New Years

Testimonials from ex-smokers that quit tobacco:
quit  Don from Georgia on 12-23-2014:
quoteI smoked for 27 years and was at 2 packs a day for the last 10, but next month I will have been without a cigarette for 3 years. I saved one pack of cigarettes and labeled it, "Not opened since January 8, 2012." It still sits on my book shelf today. E-cigs work people, but you still have to want to quit, they are not a cigarette replacement, but a second option to cigarettes.
quit  Rowan from Trenton, ON, CA on 09-06-2014:
quoteWas a pack-a-day or more smoker for over 10 years, picked up an ecig 3 years ago and have been tobacco free ever since! I still vape, using low nic strength, and have absolutely zero negative health effects, and many positive ones! I can breathe better, I can sing better, I can smell and taste better, the list goes on and on. I truly feel ecigs saved me from a life of tobacco use most likely leading to an early death, so I tell people all the time "ECIGS SAVED MY LIFE!"
quit  Mary from Pittsburgh on 06-07-2014:
quoteElectronic cigarettes have been a life-saving item for me ...
quit  L from WISCONSIN on 04-01-2014:
quoteI feel so much better. My family is very, very happy I Quit smoking too. it has been over 1 year since I quit and I had smoked over 37 years. THANK YOU KRAVE E-Cigs, I could not have done it without the e-cigs.
quit  JIM from UTAH on 02-11-2014:
quoteGreat to be off the real thing.
quit  tmnwmsburg from VA on 12-29-2013:
quoteI used these to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. It's been two years today since I switched and I've never smoked another tobacco cigarette. This was after 27 years of smoking.
quit  Peggy from MN on 11-13-2013:
quoteI started smoking at 14 and now 54, never thought I would see me without cigarettes, its been easy 4 weeks of no smoking.
quit  Joe from GA on 10-27-2013:
quoteI have switched to BLU ecigs and love it! This little thing makes clouds of vapor!
quit  Eden on 10-20-2013:
quoteNo more keeping up with lighters, can use inside, no smoke taste in mouth, and no smell on clothes. Feel much better and don't feel embarrassed to use around others because there is no offensive odor. Love it!!!
quit  Jeff from Kennett Sq, PA on 09-06-2013:
quoteNo more smell. no more ashes and ashtrays, no more matches and lighters. The family loves it. Food tastes better and I've found a whole new way of life.
quit  Conner from SC on 06-24-2013:
quoteFeel better - Smell better and tastes better
quit  Dave from Washington on 05-03-2013:
quoteI switched because my family and friends I hang out with had some issues with the smoke and currently living at home my Mother is highly allergic to it and started having a cough even though I smoked outside. It was not fair to them for me to push my smoking habit onto them and cause issues in there health so I hunted for an alternate style and found my E Cig from South Beach and I love it and they love it.
quit  Nobel from IL on 04-29-2013:
quoteI decided to switch because i needed to but also for health reasons... definitely glad not to smell like an ash tray 24/7
quit  Vern from Venice, FL on 03-24-2013:
quoteIt's been amazing! Chest doesn't hurt like it did and I've got my sense of smell and taste back too!!
quit  Carla from GA on 01-30-2013:
quoteI feel better about myself & knowing I don't smell like a cigarette anymore.
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Electronic Cigarette FAQ

What's inside the vapor?
Primarily water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavor.

How long does each cartridge last?
Depending on brand a cartridge is comparable to about 1-2 packs of tobacco cigarettes.

How long does the battery last?
Comparable to smoking 12 to 15 regular cigarettes.

How much nicotine does it contain?
You choose the strength: zero, low, medium, high.

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