How Electronic Cigarette Reviews Make It Easier To Purchase The Right E-Cig For You

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the staggering number of brands and flavors available can make it hard to decide what is right for you. Whether you are using electronic cigarettes to help reduce or replace your tobacco habit or are just interested in buying one for novelty’s sake, real user reviews can make this decision more straightforward. By learning how to evaluate and utilize the information available in these reviews, purchasing the right model for your tastes should be achievable in no time at all.

Stay clear of any reviews which seem to read off like an advertisement. No electronic cigarette brand in the world is without specific flaws or negative aspects, especially when individual preferences are considered. One person may enjoy the design and vapor feel of a specific model while another person might hate it. According to other sites, “Good electronic cigarette reviews avoid being biased or overly promotional. Read all the pertinent reviews, both positive and negative. Each review is valuable because it may bring up a point about the product that was not mentioned in other reviews. While it is alright to highlight the specific disadvantages and advantages of a particular electronic cigarette model, avoid reviews that are obviously on one side of the issue.”

Ask yourself what you are looking for in an electronic cigarette while reading through reviews. Put together a list of the factors most important to your satisfaction. Some examples might include quality control, price, battery charge length, durability and flavor selection.

Don’t limit yourself to only online reviews. In many cases, asking a friend, family member or co-worker who uses an e-cig on a regular basis can be just as or even more helpful. Frequent a local tobacco smoke shop that specializes in the sale of various brands and models of electronic cigarettes and take the time to question them as well.

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A Smoketip E-Cigarette Review Reveals The Most Cost Effective Electronic Cigarette

When it comes to purchasing an electronic cigarette, most people want the most cost effective product available on the market. By seeing these SmokeTip reviews, it should be possible to see why this is one of the best choices available, especially for someone just switching to electronic cigarettes.

The number one advantage of this model is its long battery life. With a slightly larger battery than other models, it provides a solid four hours of vaporization time. Requiring only an hour and a half to fully recharge, this model makes it very easy to vaporize on a regular basis without having to worry about recharging the battery. Users of other brands often have to carry two batteries with them in order to avoid running out of charge. According to Healthier Post, “The battery of the electronic cigarette is important to select properly, as each battery has a different length of battery life. Certain electronic cigarettes can be plugged into a wall charger, thanks to the fact that they use a rechargeable battery. If you like to smoke a lot, you may find that selecting one of these s lightly costlier devices will be well worth the expense.”

A slight disadvantage associated with this particular brand is that the case it comes in is unportable. Although you will be able to carry individual cartridges and the e-cigarette with you, the case is larger than a shoe box. This is a definite downside when it comes to carrying an assortment of different flavors with you.

This brand has a large selection of flavors, of which all are exceptional. For the vaporizer connoisseur looking for a pleasant flavor, this brand satisfies.

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Revolver Talon Tank System Review

The revolutionary Talon Tank System, crafted by the brand Revolver, combines enormous battery power, sleek design and extended vaping capacity into one convenient system. E-cigarette enthusiasts may now enjoy a smokeless device specifically tailored to satisfy multi-layer vaping needs.

Revolver includes an incredible amount of product with each Talon Tank System, making this electronic cigarette kit an excellent gift for anyone new to ecigs or as a fresh change of pace for veteran e-cigarette users.

Read full Talon Tank Review

Feedback from Electronic Cigarette User

Today I got the following email from one of our visitors and I wanted to share it with you:

Yes, e-cigarettes are very effective—my wife and I haven’t had a real cig since 18 Aug 2012….and don’t miss it.
My new rank order is—–
1. blu
2. South Beach Smoke
3. Smokeless Image
4. Apollo
5. Vapor 4 Life
6. Pro Smoke
No more trying for us—(the wife will kill me if I bring home any more to try)…..we’ve settled on blu and South Beach Smoke as our fav’s and the 2 that we are using.
Your site was a godsend to us in helping us narrow things down—your overview, ability to compare and the reviews made it easy for us—THANK YOU!!

OzoneSmoke E-Cigarettes

Ozone Smoke uses innovative technology to replicate the smoking experience and taste of traditional tobacco cigs. Their goal is to provide an ideal alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Our expert reviewer used their product and we just posted a detailed review.  If you have used Ozone e-cigarettes then please post your review. Thanks!

Bedford Slims Vapourettes

VapouretteBedford Slims is a Brooklyn based electronic cigarette company or in their own words a Vapourette company.

We just posted a very detailed expert review about their products. We are also looking for reviews by others to complete the picture.

If you have used Bedford Slims then please post your review. Thanks!

NeverLightAgain Electronic Cigarette

Our independent expert just reviewed the NeverLightAgain (NLA) electronic cigarette. Have you used the NLA e-cigarette? If so, please leave your review and ratings.

Never Light Again brand e-cigarettes comfortably suite a mass collective of preferences in the electronic cigarette world. The decision to purchase an e-cigarette kit from Never Light Again or NLA offers a seemingly limitless assortment of Exotic and Gourmet E-liquids coupled with an array of battery colors to help create a tailored device. NLA’s smoke less Nicotine delivery system has the potential to be as uniquely multi-dimensional as its user. Unmitigated use of an e-cigarette to display a keen sense of fashion or to coordinate personal vaping based on mood has revered Never Light Again as one of the best e-cigarette brands to use in establishing an individual, or artistically based expression.

NicStick Electronic Cigarette

We just posted a very detailed independent expert review of the NicStick electronic cigarette. Please take a look.

We are also looking for user reviews. So please visit the NicStick page and leave your review and rating.

NicStick currently offers a Spring 2012 coupon which saves you 10% off your purchase of $30 or more!

Victory Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette called Victory was recently featured in a Groupon deal. We thought it was about time to setup a page for the Victory E-Cigarette for users to leave reviews of this product.

What stood out to us right away is that cartridges cost $3 a piece unless you sign up for a monthly membership program which then basically reduces the price per cartridge to $2.

Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review

We just posted a new expert review of the Revolver Electronic Cigarette.

Unique craftsmanship of the Revolver Ion Electronic Cigarette Kit requires a pledge of exclusive commitment from each customer choosing to purchase this brand. Seemingly, the only path available for continued usage of this particular e-cigarette is subsequent purchases of Revolver Ion accessories. Luckily, there’s an assortment of economically priced items that may satisfy just about any type of vaping experience being sought.