E-Cigarette Ban in Boston. Is a Nation Wide E-Cigarette Ban Next?

There is an elusive connection to using an e-cigarette, the ability to smoke or vaporize where ever whenever. Many users have claimed, puffing on an electronic, Nicotine delivering system lessens the discomfort of quitting cold turkey. Each pull, calms the nagging urge to smoke a traditional cigarette and e-cigarettes have been able to make it easier to disassociate themselves with traditional smokers as well.

Some time ago, e-cigarette users were able to “smoke” or vaporize when and where the feeling prompted them. The exhilarating feeling of being free to grab a quick Nicotine fix anyplace you wanted to, is slowly fading away. Currently, it seems a ban on e-cigarette use is popping up in a new town, office or airplane on a daily basis. Could it be that e-cigarette users may soon find themselves standing on street curbs, with tobacco smokers, wondering what happened?
Only a few days ago Boston, Massachusetts Health Commission put their foot down, banning the use of e-cigarettes in workplaces or any place traditional smoking is not currently allowed. Boston is not the first town to ban e-cigarettes. Merely one of close to a dozen Massachusetts towns has already enacted a similar ban. The ban included a stipulation that ecigs may only be sold to Adults of 18 years of age or older. Age Identification seems to be a general standard, followed by most stores selling e-cigs currently. Generally speaking, e-cigarettes deliver Nicotine, an addictive substance, which should only be sold and used if you are 18 years of age or older. The age specification part of the ban is understandable and widely accepted. However, what has E-cigarette users in Boston up in arms about the new ban Is that, e-cig users are now being told they can only use their e-cigarettes in certain places. Those places are the same sites set aside for traditional tobacco smokers.

Traditional tobacco users are forced to stand outside or in designated smoking areas because there had been ample amounts of proof provided by the FDA that proves the exhaled smoke, is and can be linked to serious life threatening illnesses. With electronic, Nicotine delivering systems, there has been very little proof provided to the Food and Drug Administration proving the vapors are harmful to any individual standing in breathing distance of vapors, coming from an e-cigarette. Therefore, unless e-cigarettes are to be marketed to the general public as a device used to quit smoking, the FDA cannot regulate them. It seems logical that if the FDA cannot regulate e-cigarettes, then they will ban them. The FDA seems to be looking at e-cigarettes in an old fashioned way. Have you ever heard that saying, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It must be a duck”. The same principles are being applied to e-cigarettes, they look like a traditional cigarette and you blow “smoke” out of them. However, they are not a regular tobacco cigarette. It is unfortunate that the Food and Drug Administration thinks e-cigs must be harmful for others next to you and anyone who might inhale the exhaled vapors. These bans are due to the lack of evidence to prove other ways.

At the current ban rate, it appears Massachusetts may become the first State to completely ban e-cigarette smoking, completely. The general feeling in Boston and most places an e-cig ban is enacted, is that there is little, to no proof that e-cigarettes pose any type of threat to individuals who may incidentally breathe the exhaled vapors. If Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t veto that bill to ban e-cigarettes, only a short time ago. The Golden State may have been the first to ban e-cigarette use in public, completely.

It is an unfair move by the Health Commission in Boston and residents aren’t too happy about the new ban. It is imperative that people who not only reside in Boston, Massachusetts but in all towns throughout the Nation speak up. Currently, Petitions can be signed to stop the ban of e-cigarettes, we have to protect our freedom. Sign petitions, make petitions, and get involved. Of course, writing letters and calling local Governors and State Officials work just as well, but keep in mind nothing will happen if we sit back and do nothing to stop e-cig bans; we must continue to spread our disgruntled views. We are the people, we do have a voice. Unless, everyone starts to act productively, reducing the spread of e-cigarette bans popping up all over our Nation, bans may become worse. E-cigarette bans, that may end up in your home town. Do what you can today and get involved, let’s not let Boston happen to our town.

By CJ Levatino – Freelance Writer for eCigarette365 Blog

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