April, 2013:

Utah Proposes Taxing The E Cigarette The Same As Tobacco Cigarettes

A recent legislative proposal in Utah seeks to tax the e cigarette at the same rate as conventional cigarettes and other tobacco products. While the taxation angle is new, the measure is one of many state legislative initiatives aimed at regulating electronic cigarettes.

If passed, this measure would impose an 86% taxation rate on electronic cigarettes, the same as that levied on cigars and other tobacco products. For cigarettes, there is a flat tax of $1.70 for each pack sold in Utah. The new tax would be a big increase over the regular state sales tax rate which is 4.7% and modified by the ability of each county, city and special district to add their own sales taxes in addition to the state rate. Republican Rep. Paul Ray sponsored the measure, and legislative analysts predict that it would result in additional revenues of $1.6 million annually if it takes effect. Utah already has regulations that ban the use and sale of electronic cigarettes to people under the age of 19.

Electronic cigarette users will want to watch these developments closely. If other states took similar actions, the exact impact on the cost of using these devices would vary depending on where you live. According to the Centers for Disease Control, as of 2011, Missouri had the lowest cigarette excise tax at 17 cents a pack and New York had the highest at $4.35. The national average is $1.59, if you do not count the 6 biggest tobacco-growing states which average 49 cents. It is also important to note that cigarettes are subject to various federal, state and local taxes in addition to state excise taxes.

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How Electronic Cigarette Reviews Make It Easier To Purchase The Right E-Cig For You

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, the staggering number of brands and flavors available can make it hard to decide what is right for you. Whether you are using electronic cigarettes to help reduce or replace your tobacco habit or are just interested in buying one for novelty’s sake, real user reviews can make this decision more straightforward. By learning how to evaluate and utilize the information available in these reviews, purchasing the right model for your tastes should be achievable in no time at all.

Stay clear of any reviews which seem to read off like an advertisement. No electronic cigarette brand in the world is without specific flaws or negative aspects, especially when individual preferences are considered. One person may enjoy the design and vapor feel of a specific model while another person might hate it. According to other sites, “Good electronic cigarette reviews avoid being biased or overly promotional. Read all the pertinent reviews, both positive and negative. Each review is valuable because it may bring up a point about the product that was not mentioned in other reviews. While it is alright to highlight the specific disadvantages and advantages of a particular electronic cigarette model, avoid reviews that are obviously on one side of the issue.”

Ask yourself what you are looking for in an electronic cigarette while reading through reviews. Put together a list of the factors most important to your satisfaction. Some examples might include quality control, price, battery charge length, durability and flavor selection.

Don’t limit yourself to only online reviews. In many cases, asking a friend, family member or co-worker who uses an e-cig on a regular basis can be just as or even more helpful. Frequent a local tobacco smoke shop that specializes in the sale of various brands and models of electronic cigarettes and take the time to question them as well.

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