October, 2012:

Feedback from Electronic Cigarette User

Today I got the following email from one of our visitors and I wanted to share it with you:

Yes, e-cigarettes are very effective—my wife and I haven’t had a real cig since 18 Aug 2012….and don’t miss it.
My new rank order is—–
1. blu
2. South Beach Smoke
3. Smokeless Image
4. Apollo
5. Vapor 4 Life
6. Pro Smoke
No more trying for us—(the wife will kill me if I bring home any more to try)…..we’ve settled on blu and South Beach Smoke as our fav’s and the 2 that we are using.
Your site was a godsend to us in helping us narrow things down—your overview, ability to compare and the reviews made it easy for us—THANK YOU!!

Survey: Effectiveness of Electronic Cigarettes

electronic cigarette survey

Survey: Effectiveness of E-Cigarettes

It is a fact that over the past 3 years e-cigarettes have gained a lot of popularity and with fame comes controversy. Many think that they are a great alternative to tobacco cigarettes while others believe that these products are a source of unknown and potentially dangerous toxins.

Some scientific research has been done but actual users of e-cigarettes and their opinion seem to be secondary. We designed a very short survey to assess whether users of such smokeless devices feel healthier, save money, and receive the endorsement of their family and friends.

10/31/2012 update: The survey has ended and the overwhelmingly positive results are very encouraging.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The spread of anti-smoking laws has limited the areas where smokers can light up. This has opened the use of e-cigarettes as a viable alternative as supported by these electronic cigarette reviews. Users of ecigs enjoy many benefits of their use when they cannot have a real cigarette.

No Tar or Toxins

The electronic devices contain less toxins and have no tar. This means there is no second hand smoke being produced, which, is a great reason to switch to this device. If you are looking to quit tobacco smoking, then this is a great option to kick the habit. The vapor that is produced looks like real smoke and is nothing but water.

Cost Savings

You will save money on the cost of real cigarettes. The cost of a pack of cigarettes may cost as much as $7 per pack or more. Cartridges for a smokeless cigarette cost about $2-3. Some devices may be refilled with liquid nicotine solutions may even be cheaper.

No Smoke Smell

Users of e-cigs do not create any smoke smell. This means that others in a room will also not smell like they have been in a smoke-filled bar. These devices only produce water vapor that has no smell or lingering odor.

Use Anywhere

Individuals that need a nicotine fix can use these devices almost anywhere. They can be used where the real thing has been banned. You can use them in a bar, a restaurant, or even at your work without needing to take a smoke break.

Cheaper Insurance

The use of vapor cigarettes for a certain period will make you a non-tobacco user. This is a label that will allow you to purchase insurance at cheaper rates. Insurance companies typically consider an applicant to be a non-tobacco user if they have abstained for more than two years.

Improved Health

Users that switch to vapor cigarettes may improve their health. The toxins from tobacco in the body will begin to be flushed out when real cigarettes are not being used.