September, 2012:

Electronic Cigarettes: Are They Safe?

If you’ve decided to quit smoking using ecigs or if you’ve decided to switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes, some good news has come out of recent research. While e-cigs probably aren’t 100% safe, they are possibly less harmful to your health than conventional smoking.

In a report released in August researchers from the Athens- based Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center said e-cigarettes show no connection to heart disease.

Investigators examined the heart activity of 20 young daily smokers after one ordinary cigarette as compared to 22 people who smoked a vapor cigarette for 7 minutes. Tobacco smokers showed “significant” disruptions of functions such as heartbeats or blood pressure; however, the effect of e-cigarettes on the heart was minimal.

The researchers noted that previous studies have found that the electronic devices would have to be smoked daily for four to 12 months to attain the level of carcinogens that are present in a single tobacco cigarette.

In a separate study conducted at the University of Athens, researchers found that smoking an ecig caused an immediate increase in airway resistance, lasting for 10 minutes and making it harder for participants to breathe.

The researchers used a lung function test to observe airway resistance in 32 participants who used an e-cigarette for 10 minutes. Among the healthy subjects who had never smoked, airway resistance rose to an average 206 percent from 182 percent; among smokers with normal lung function, the reading rose to an average 220 percent from 176 percent.

According to Christina Gratziou, one of the study authors, more research is needed to understand whether the effect on the lungs is long-lasting.

About 2.5 million people use e-cigarettes in the U.S., according to an estimate by the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association. The World Health Organization has asked that more clinical studies be conducted to determine whether e-cigarettes are safe and effective because they currently are not regulated.

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The Future E Cigarette Will Offer More Social Networking Features

As the E-Cig business continues to grow and evolve we can expect to see many new and exciting developments.  The latest, best e cigarettes are using a Social Networking platform to create a product with a built in networking device that will allow you to “communicate” with other E-Cig users, wirelessly.  If another user of this “social” E-Cig is within range, both of your packs will alert and allow you to automatically exchange information, such as the social networking sites you use.  You can save this data directly to your computer as well.  I can envision many new friendships due to the novelty factor alone.  Future app development will offer many additional (and fun) uses for E-Cig social interaction.

You can also consider this product a “smart” E-Cig because it will alert you as your pass a retailer who carries your specific product.  Your E-Cigs will know when you are running low. How cool is that?

The price is expected to be about $80.00 for 5 e-cigs and a carrying case which is radio equipped and is also a charger.  There are plans for apps that will further facilitate the network connection to allow for more social exchange.  Additionally, your E-Cig will track your smoking patterns and create reports which you can then show your healthcare provider.  This will be a very valuable resource when using e-cigs to aid in your quitting the use of tobacco products.

The most important benefits of E-Cigs are related to your health and well-being. Say goodbye to the smoker’s cough and to running out of breath with physical exertion.  E-Cigs can also mean an end to the icy stares from non-smokers.  In this way, the E-Cig is a important tool for more pleasant social interactions.

As more and more often people are becoming intolerant of second-hand smoke, and when The World Health Organization (WHO) selects “tobacco industry interference” as the theme of the World No Tobacco Day (which took place on Thursday, 31 May 2012), it is apparent that the vapor cigarette could be your “cigarette of the future”.  In fact, it may be the only cigarette of the future.

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