June, 2012:

Quit Smoking – Start Repairing

Below is a great image from an anti tobacco campaign by the Australian Government (we got it from Apollo Ecigs). It shows how your body might change after you stop smoking:

  • In 8 hours: excess carbon monoxide is out of your body
  • In 5 days: Most of the nicotine is out of your body
  • In 1 week: your sense of taste and smell improves
  • In 12 weeks: your lungs regain the ability to clean themselves
  • In 3 months: your lunch function will increase by 30%
  • In 1 year: your risk of heart disease drops by 50%
  • In 1 year: a pack-a-day smoker will save over $4,000
  • In 5 years: your risk of a stroke has dramatically decreased

Quit Smoking - Start Repairing

Soft Padded Electronic Cigarette Cartridge

Vapor Corp. (OTCBB: VPCO) (OTCQB:VPCO), whose brands include Fifty-One, Krave, VaporX, EZ Smoker, Green Puffer, and more, announced that it has filed a patent for a soft padded electronic cigarette cartridge.

A soft padded e-cigarette cartridge is certainly a great innovation that will increase comfort for those who use e-cigarettes. We would certainly expect an even more realistic feel similar to the filter of traditional tobacco cigarettes. The company plans to launch electronic cigarettes with these soft tip filters to customers online by the end of 2012.

Green Smoke Designer Collection of Batteries

Designer Collection BatteriesJust last week Green Smoke released their Designer Collection of stylish batteries. It consists of 8 cool and eye-catching designs that let you stand out of the crowd and be unique.

For a limited time Green Smoke is offering 3 designer batteries for the price of 2. So for just $69.98 you can get 3 brand new batteries and save $34.99.

The batteries are offered in the long size and the short size to meet your individual needs.