April, 2012:

NeverLightAgain Electronic Cigarette

Our independent expert just reviewed the NeverLightAgain (NLA) electronic cigarette. Have you used the NLA e-cigarette? If so, please leave your review and ratings.

Never Light Again brand e-cigarettes comfortably suite a mass collective of preferences in the electronic cigarette world. The decision to purchase an e-cigarette kit from Never Light Again or NLA offers a seemingly limitless assortment of Exotic and Gourmet E-liquids coupled with an array of battery colors to help create a tailored device. NLA’s smoke less Nicotine delivery system has the potential to be as uniquely multi-dimensional as its user. Unmitigated use of an e-cigarette to display a keen sense of fashion or to coordinate personal vaping based on mood has revered Never Light Again as one of the best e-cigarette brands to use in establishing an individual, or artistically based expression.

NicStick Electronic Cigarette

We just posted a very detailed independent expert review of the NicStick electronic cigarette. Please take a look.

We are also looking for user reviews. So please visit the NicStick page and leave your review and rating.

NicStick currently offers a Spring 2012 coupon which saves you 10% off your purchase of $30 or more!

Electronic Cigars Compared Side by Side

Electronic CIgarsWe just started featuring electronic cigars on our website as well.

Consumers can compare the prices and features side by side and of course leave reviews based on their experience.

E Cigars make great gifts but are also an exciting new alternative to regular tobacco cigars.

Victory Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette called Victory was recently featured in a Groupon deal. We thought it was about time to setup a page for the Victory E-Cigarette for users to leave reviews of this product.

What stood out to us right away is that cartridges cost $3 a piece unless you sign up for a monthly membership program which then basically reduces the price per cartridge to $2.

Where to buy electronic cigarettes?

where to buy electronic cigarettesIf you are in the market to buy an electronic cigarette then you are facing two key questions:

  1. Where to buy electronic cigarettes?
  2. Which electronic cigarette to buy?

Don’t worry! We are going to help you here with both questions!

Where to buy electronic cigarettes?

You can buy electronic cigarette in stores or online. Let’s look at store options first.

Smoke Shops / Tobacco Stores

More and more traditional tobacco or cigar stores carry electronic cigarettes. Go here to find a list of smoke shops near you that sell e-cigarettes.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Some convenience stores like 7 Eleven and various Gas Stations sell lower quality ecigs – often just disposables. But it is an easy way to get started with ecigs. Just don’t expect too much quality or any help from the store attendant.

Drugstore chains like Rite Aid and Walgreens

Both Rite Aid and Walgreens sell disposable electronic cigarettes. You can find Blu Cigs at Walgreens and rumor has it that some also sell the actual starter kits. Krave e-cigarette (disposable) is sold at Rite-Aid.

Online Purchase

You can find the largest selection of electronic cigarettes and the best prices online. And on top of that many sites offer free shipping and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Worried about customer service? All online retailers offer good customer service and it certainly exceeds the service you can expect from the gas station attendant or the guy at the local drugstore.

Which electronic cigarette to buy?

This is the #1 question people ask us! And it is not that easy to answer because it depends a little on you. Therefore we suggest that you take a look at our very valuable buying guide and read an electronic cigarette review or two or more 🙂

Smoke Shops that Sell Electronic Cigarettes

Visitors often ask us where they can find a shop in their area that sells electronic cigarettes. Unfortunately there no way for us to answer those questions but we decided to start an directory that lists all smoke shops by city and visitors can indicate which stores sell e-cigarettes and which ones do not sell electronic cigarettes.

Here is a list of a few cities as an example:

Smoke Shops in Dallas

Smoke Shops in Los Angeles

Smoke Shops in Miami

The full list of US cities can be found here.

Revolver Electronic Cigarette Review

We just posted a new expert review of the Revolver Electronic Cigarette.

Unique craftsmanship of the Revolver Ion Electronic Cigarette Kit requires a pledge of exclusive commitment from each customer choosing to purchase this brand. Seemingly, the only path available for continued usage of this particular e-cigarette is subsequent purchases of Revolver Ion accessories. Luckily, there’s an assortment of economically priced items that may satisfy just about any type of vaping experience being sought.

Review: Cigotine Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit on kgb Deals

We just saw that kgb deals is offering a Cigotine E-Cigarette starter kit for 52% off. The Cigotine kit comes with only 1 rechargeable battery, 1 Cigotine cartridge (High 16 mg) and 1 Cigotine cartridge (Med 11 mg) and 1 USB charger.

We do not believe that it is worth to spend $24 for such a kit especially since it only comes with one battery and a USB charger only. You should never order an e-cigarette kit with one battery only – you need to have at least two so one can charge while you use the other one.

The offer is clearly designed to get you hooked on the Cigotine brand and then you will need to buy additional batteries and more cartridges right away.

We do recommend that you do some research before buying a starter kit: view popular brands and read electronic cigarette reviews!