October, 2009:

Stop Smoking – Do you really think people would stop smoking because you told them its bad for them?

every smoking question i see on here, "how much is a pack of whatever?" some one comes on and says, "even though i don't know the answer to your question i'll give you my opinion on smoking! even though its in direct violation of community guidelines, OK?"

no i do not, that's why i don't tell people that. i just lost my level four account because the same people who come on and say how evil smoking is reported me for actually answering the questions!

As a smoker, my emphatic answer is NO–in fact, I KNOW that no established smoker would quit because of nagging. In fact, nagging often has the exact opposite effect–one of the rather handy peripheral benefits of smoking is that it's a great jerk repellent.

In answering questions related to the health effects of smoking and the like, I advocate that posters make accurate statements–including stating the risks of smoking when applicable. But to barge into a question that has nothing to do with someone's personal opinions on smoking, and use an answer to nag or to rant about smokers and smoking, is rude, boorish, and wrong according the the community guidelines–aside from being ironically counterproductive. NOT that any of this will stop it from happening; history shows us that there will always be a large number of folks who wake up every morning on a mission to ensure that everyone conforms to their beliefs and opinions.

I smoke myself and find it really annoying when people say to me that its going to kill me or its bad for me etc.. I already know this and have choose to continue smoking.. I think that buying the pack of cigarettes is enough to know its bad for you now with the pictures on them and writing. People should be allowed their own choices and should not be told by strangers that they shouldn't be doing something….

No, I think it has to be up to the individual. whether or not they want to quit, it is their business. The smokers know all of the ramification's from smoking, so I don't think that people should rub smoking in their faces.

This isn't 30 or 40 years ago when everyone accepted smoking. I find it very very hard to realize that there is anyone in the world who doesn't realize that cigarette smoking can be dangerous to your health. So I would never tell them anything.

no i don't see why it would, after all there are tons of anti smoking commercials and a surgeon general warning on the pack. so what ever i told them would be old news and a waste of my breath!

read more what ok your question is it hasn't worked for me yet i am not really sure weither you are asking a question or venting about an issue that is annoying you ?

no those answers are soooo annoying. um, smoking one time take ten minuets off your life! no, that wouldn't make sense dummy.

no i dont think someone you dont know or have even seen would be able to convince me to stop something i had done for years

no i still smoke and my friends said its bad for me its my life not theres

huh it seems like you babble on & on & on