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Love the Vapor King Etank System! The new rubber tips for the cartridges means ...

Vapor King
from Cape Coral, FL reviewed Vapor King model 'vapor king' on December 20 2011:

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Love the Vapor King Etank System! The new rubber tips for the cartridges means no more leaks! That was the only issue I had with it, but now they fixed it. Works like a charm. Vapor King is now by far the best on the market and works better and tastes better than anything else I have come across. Don't settle for a cartomizer, the etank is the way to go!
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Eric commented on January 18 2012:
AWESOME!!! Thanks, Becky! I will be grabbing those ASAP!
Becky Smith commented on January 16 2012:
They have them for sale here... If you can call and ask they will send you some free ones.
Eric commented on December 27 2011:
What rubber tipped cartridges are you referring to? I have found no mention of it on their site. In fact, I haven't been able to make a purchase or view detailed info on old purchases for over a week. I went to their home page found here today, and all my account info was lost. I've used the eTank system (3 months, no smoking)with 3 batteries, 2 vehicle/USB chargers, and a USB direct battery. Yes, the cartridges do leak, sometimes rather quickly. I have found that if you slowly and carefully insert the new cartridge into the atomizer with a steady force instead of just popping it in, it will last longer without leakage (more refills). I'm on day 4 with one cartridge @ 4-5 refills/day...still not leaking.

Vapor King Electronic Cigarette Brand
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