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Testimonials: Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes with Electronic Cigarettes!

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Testimonials from ex-smokers that quit tobacco:

quit  nikki belcastro from berwyn, il on 05-04-2015
quit  Don Waddell from Georgia on 12-23-2014:
quoteI smoked for 27 years and was at 2 packs a day for the last 10, but next month I will have been without a cigarette for 3 years. I saved one pack of cigarettes and labeled it, "Not opened since January 8, 2012." It still sits on my book shelf today. E-cigs work people, but you still have to want to quit, they are not a cigarette replacement, but a second option to cigarettes.
quit  Rowan WarrHunter from Trenton, ON, CA on 09-06-2014:
quoteWas a pack-a-day or more smoker for over 10 years, picked up an ecig 3 years ago and have been tobacco free ever since! I still vape, using low nic strength, and have absolutely zero negative health effects, and many positive ones! I can breathe better, I can sing better, I can smell and taste better, the list goes on and on. I truly feel ecigs saved me from a life of tobacco use most likely leading to an early death, so I tell people all the time "ECIGS SAVED MY LIFE!"
quit  Mary Connolly from Pittsburgh on 06-07-2014:
quoteElectronic cigarettes have been a life-saving item for me ...
quit  Leah Wilhelm from Alabama on 04-26-2014
quit  L Pierce from WISCONSIN on 04-01-2014:
quoteI feel so much better. My family is very, very happy I Quit smoking too. it has been over 1 year since I quit and I had smoked over 37 years. THANK YOU KRAVE E-Cigs, I could not have done it without the e-cigs.
quit  JIM from UTAH on 02-11-2014:
quoteGreat to be off the real thing.
quit  tmnwmsburg from VA on 12-29-2013:
quoteI used these to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. It's been two years today since I switched and I've never smoked another tobacco cigarette. This was after 27 years of smoking.
quit  Peggy from MN on 11-13-2013:
quoteI started smoking at 14 and now 54, never thought I would see me without cigarettes, its been easy 4 weeks of no smoking.
quit  Joe from GA on 10-27-2013:
quoteI have switched to BLU ecigs and love it! This little thing makes clouds of vapor!
quit  Eden on 10-20-2013:
quoteNo more keeping up with lighters, can use inside, no smoke taste in mouth, and no smell on clothes. Feel much better and don't feel embarrassed to use around others because there is no offensive odor. Love it!!!
quit  Jeff Capaldi from Kennett Sq, PA on 09-06-2013:
quoteNo more smell. no more ashes and ashtrays, no more matches and lighters. The family loves it. Food tastes better and I've found a whole new way of life.
quit  Eric on 06-25-2013
quit  Conner from SC on 06-24-2013:
quoteFeel better - Smell better and tastes better
quit  Dave Clifton from Washington on 05-03-2013:
quoteI switched because my family and friends I hang out with had some issues with the smoke and currently living at home my Mother is highly allergic to it and started having a cough even though I smoked outside. It was not fair to them for me to push my smoking habit onto them and cause issues in there health so I hunted for an alternate style and found my E Cig from South Beach and I love it and they love it.
quit  Nobel from IL on 04-29-2013:
quoteI decided to switch because i needed to but also for health reasons... definitely glad not to smell like an ash tray 24/7
quit  Vern from Venice, FL on 03-24-2013:
quoteIt's been amazing! Chest doesn't hurt like it did and I've got my sense of smell and taste back too!!
quit  BOB from IL on 03-07-2013:
quoteI'm using the ecigs to help ween myself off the coffin nails..there's noway i can just quit cold turkey after 40 years of the real thing..i'm smoking less of the nails and more of the ecig though..sooner i hope than later i won't be paying a 100 bucks for a carton..this is much less expensive and i can try different flavors to boot..i ordered some pizza flavored juice can't wait for that to come, try and find that in a real cig..well i wish you all good luck and myself in quitting those ...
quit  Kristie from Washington on 02-28-2013:
quoteSo far so good - make sure you do your research & pick the right one for you. They are all different, tastes, price etc & make sure you read policies.
quit  Carla from GA on 01-30-2013:
quoteI feel better about myself & knowing I don't smell like a cigarette anymore.
quit  Holly Kennedy on 01-14-2013
quit  Amber C. from San Diego, CA on 01-09-2013:
quoteE-cigs helped me quit actual cigs.
quit  Sara from CA on 01-05-2013:
quoteI want to say thank you!
quit  Donna K from Oxford, NJ on 01-04-2013:
quoteI haven't smoked a regular cig in 2 yrs and don't miss them AT ALL! I would recommend e-cigs to everyone who enjoys smoking, but doesn't like the unhealthy aspect, the smell, the offensiveness of regular cigs.
quit  Kyle from APO on 01-04-2013:
quoteI'm a 25 year smoker who finally tried e-cigs to live well and a little longer.
quit  Whitneywatts from Baltimore, MD on 01-02-2013:
quoteYes! I stopped smoking all together. I would not have done it without yea help - thanks!
quit  Carol on 12-31-2012:
quoteFinally smoke free.
quit  Bonnie from Nevada on 12-15-2012:
quoteAfter smoking for 30 years I am 1 year light up free with eversmoke! I love that the smell is gone and my family loves it. I feel great and couldn't be happier with my choice. If I am going to smoke why not smoke healthier!! Thanks Eversmoke you changed my life.
quit  selena dutter from Mount Carmel on 12-12-2012
quit  Mollie from MD on 12-04-2012:
quoteI work in the skincare industry. Trying not to smell like tobacco during spa hours was always a big problem for me, but now I don't have to worry about it!
quit  Chris J on 11-25-2012:
quoteI have been a long time smoker and I really think this is going to be the key to helping me quit entirely.
quit  m. from MD on 11-20-2012:
quotehaven't looked back.
quit  Jill from chicago on 11-08-2012:
quote9 of us off cigs and on to vaping...more will follow!
quit  Stephanie from Florida on 11-01-2012:
quoteI'm glad this is an option, not sure I could cut back or quit without it!
quit  Randy B from TX on 10-27-2012:
quoteI have quit smoking several times. It was always a struggle, until e-cigs. I feel better, and smell better.
I had just bought a pack of cigarettes, when my son handed me an e-cig. That was over a month ago. The pack is still unopened.
quit  Sebastian Kurtz from Salt Lake City on 10-22-2012:
quoteMy life is changing for the best with these great e-cigarettes.
quit  chantel on 10-16-2012:
quoteMy daughters where so happy with this decision. There excitement about my switching to this safer alternative was wonderful. When My 9 yr old saw me smoking in the house she quickly brought it to my attention I was suppose to quit. Then I showed her my order had came in! This was the new E Cig!!! When she came closer I took a drag and blew it in her direction, she sniffed the vapor, and with an amazed voice said "I just smells like regular air!!" Thank you E cigs.
quit  Matthew Peltz from PITTSBURGH on 10-08-2012:
quoteAwesome. They don't last as long as a pack but I love not smelling
quit  Jude from Illinois on 09-30-2012:
quoteHaven't bought a pack of smokes in 3 weeks since I switched to eciggies!
quit  Jermaine on 09-21-2012:
quote13 years of smoking cigarette , I was looking for an option and Apollo came to the rescue ... My family finally can give me love without the tobacco smell . Thank you
quit  Samuel McCumbee from NC on 09-15-2012:
quote6 months w/o a real cigarette , after 14 years of smoking, thanks to Mistic brand E-cigs, I'm so much more healthy my smokers cough is gone, and I no longer stink..
quit  Jon S. from Fort Lauderdale on 09-09-2012
quit  Lee Travers from California on 09-04-2012
quit  Stephen.L from Philadelphia on 09-04-2012
quit  Stephen.L from Philadelphia on 09-02-2012
quit  WAB from FL on 08-30-2012:
quoteOver a pack a day over 37 years of smoking----loving the e-cig life and haven't had a real cig in over a week!!
quit  Theresa from Illlinois on 08-25-2012:
quoteE-cigarettes have really helped me to quit this time! Love the 0 nicotine cartridges while still getting the physiological fix of smoking. My hubby loves it, too!
quit  Robin Jennifer Scott from Wisconsin on 08-15-2012:
quoteI feel so much better after switching to e-cigarettes! My breathing is easier almost immediately, my morning cough is gone! I can smell and taste! My husband is thrilled, even though he still smokes analogue ciggies, but he is interested, seeing my success! Apollo e-cigarettes have made is a breeze!
quit  irma on 08-11-2012:
quoteSmoked for many many years...purchased from chase cigs...two weeks in and still cigarette free. Feel healthier already! Looks like I am quitting for good this time.
quit  Cyndi from Texas on 07-25-2012:
quoteI smoked for 40 years and quit...over night! Had a cancer scare. I have not had a regular cig since November 16, 2011.
quit  Kevin Lim on 07-20-2012:
quoteIndoor Smoking !! yes !!
quit  Gary from Florida on 07-14-2012:
quoteI feel GREAT! I actually now enjoy vaping far more than my 26-year smoking habit. Thank goodness for sites like this that are honest and true and watch out for inferior products from out to make a quick buck crooks! I recommend using tankomizers and adding the liquid yourself. I can average about the equivalent of $0.50 per pack of analog cigarettes! That's right folks, and no harsh chemicals destroying your health, second hand smoke, people complaining about you, smelling up your clothes ...
quit  Brian Slaven from Canfield on 07-07-2012
quit  James from NY on 07-04-2012:
quoteI quit within 1day and I'm not going back!
quit  Trevor P from WA on 06-30-2012:
quoteNo more tobacco products!!
quit  janet from canada on 06-26-2012:
quotelove my prosmoke! 3 months cigarette free
quit  Hall from IL on 06-22-2012:
quoteI feel great and my fiance is thrilled!
quit  Fritz from GA on 06-14-2012:
quoteI am so glad that I switched to electronic cigarettes. Now, I don't smell like tobacco anymore. The best thing is that I don't like to smoke cigarettes now. I don't like how they taste now.
quit  James from MI on 06-13-2012:
quoteit feels good to be done with cigs!!
quit  Dustin Retterer from NY on 06-06-2012:
quoteI quit almost 1 year ago but found myself wanting to smoke again when I was bored, I found an e-cig with no nicotine to be a great way to handle my boredom.
quit  Deb from TX on 05-31-2012:
quoteNo regular cigs since Sept. 2011. Feel healthier already! Started with Blu, but switched to Victory once I tried it. Still, SMOKE-FREE and loving it! Saving money too!
quit  James Kimmel from Pennsylvania on 05-28-2012:
quoteI made the switch to e-cigarettes and it is the best decision i have ever made. I feel great and am not waking up congested or short of breath anymore. My family is very proud of me and so am I. I no longer smell like an ashtray and do not have to worry about the smell bothering my son when I am holding him. My wife also seems to want to get a little closer to me more often also. I am so thankful for the creation of e-cigarettes.
quit  A Thompson from Iowa on 05-23-2012:
quoteI am so happy I've made this decision. I smell better, feel better and I love my ecigs.
quit  Reuben P. from NY on 05-20-2012:
quoteThis is an incredible product. I bought it for my wife and I (She is a doctor) and now she is even recommending it to her patients to quit smoking! I finally did something right ...
quit  ANNIE from CA on 05-13-2012:
quoteI've been using e cigs for almost two years and not looking back! :)
quit  Joe from Florida on 05-11-2012:
quoteThanks to smokeless image volt, haven't had a tobacco cig in 3 weeks. Saved $140 not buying cig so far. My starter kit has already paid for itself
quit  Tina from Arkansas on 05-09-2012:
quoteAfter 30 years, I love being a non-smoker!!! Finally, with E-Cig, I did it!!!!
quit  Jeney Moreno from Houston on 05-09-2012:
quoteAfter my Aunt and Grandmother passed in there late 50's from lung cancer it was a life saver knowing I could quit after smoking 18 years, and I was only 29!! now im about to be 31 and have not had a cigerette in almost 2 years and I feel great!! thx smoke51 for saving me!
quit  oscar gonzalez from apo on 05-07-2012:
quotei love not to have to go outside for smokes; I can enjoy more time with family and more smelling!
quit  smacan on 05-07-2012
quit  Ted from Florida on 05-04-2012:
quoteDo feel better and my friends that don't smoke are happy for me for switching to an ecig.
quit  Craig from KY on 05-03-2012
quit  willywilly from PA on 05-01-2012:
quoteToo soon to tell, but may actually be able to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.
quit  Jody from Tn on 04-25-2012:
quotetakes the craving for real cigarettes away.
quit  Aleksey from Brooklyn,Ny on 04-23-2012:
quoteAfter switching to the electronic cig, i cant stand the way a real cigarette tastes, or smells. Highly recommend it to everyone who smokes, it will change your life.
quit  Sherree S. from IL on 04-20-2012:
quote2 days after quitting, all the congestion and wheezing I was having started to go away, within 5 days it was gone completely. I was a pack a day smoker for more than 35 years. I coughed multiple times a minute, now I cough maybe once an hour. I no longer use my albuterol inhaler or nebulizer that I would count the hours until the next time I could use it so I could breath. I can take deep breaths each time now, before I was short of breath. Thank you Volt/Smokeless Image for making it so ...
quit  Liz from ON on 04-13-2012:
quoteAfter 55 years, Apollo e-cigs made quitting so comfortable..after 4 months, I still can't quite believe it
quit  Rebecca from Tampa, FL on 04-11-2012:
quoteI don't stink, have short of breath, and my kids and pets love the fresh air!!
quit  Timothy from Florida on 04-07-2012:
quoteI feel a whole lot better been on the v2 e cig for a little over a week my weazing and coughing has stopped I just feel so much better very excited bout my e cig:)
quit  destinnee from az on 04-01-2012:
quoteprosmoke is the only brand to really help me quit. prosmoke is the best ecigarette on the market
quit  Wendy from Vermont on 03-30-2012:
quoteI have quit smoking after 26 years by using ecigs.
quit  Justin from GA on 03-27-2012:
quoteJust one more way to better yourself!
quit  Don Edwards from Idaho on 03-22-2012:
quoteWish I'd done this long time ago, quit wheezing at night within a week of using these!
quit  Deborah Duggan from California on 03-21-2012:
quoteSouth Beach Smoke Deluxe, rocks! Truly a pleasure to get away from smelling like an ashtray all the time. A very pleasurable smoking experience. Love it!
quit  Anthony from Indiana on 03-19-2012:
quoteSo glad to be rid of the toxins. I love it!
quit  Kathryn from Saint Paul, MN on 03-12-2012:
quoteI used to smoke quite a lot of regular cigarettes, but now, I only "vape" e-cigarettes! It's so great!
quit  Elizebeth from Washington on 03-11-2012:
quoteI feel cleaner and smell much better, sounds funny but as smokers we all know what I'm saying.
quit  Debi M from TN on 03-08-2012:
quoteI have cut real cigs in half & trying desperately to go all the way with E's!!
quit  Ava from NY on 03-06-2012:
quoteLet's just say, soon I will be over real cig thanks to the ecig
quit  Cristy Sutton from IN on 03-03-2012:
quoteJust got my e cigarettes today and so far I've gone 5 hrs without needed a real smoke! I am hoping to completely kick the habbit!!
quit  Ashwini K Pandey from NY on 03-02-2012:
quoteI am absolutely happy to have switched to e-cigarettes so is my wife for me.... In so less time, it has already broken the habit of being preoccupied about smoking...
quit  Nasir Khan on 03-01-2012
quit  bob k. from eastlake ohio on 02-28-2012:
quoteAwesome, saving sooo much money not to mention feeling better!
quit  Tom from TN on 02-22-2012:
quotefirst ecig was 4 yrs ago after 36 years of smoking. Haven't had a tobacco cig since. Where I really feel differently is in my muscles and body temp. My circulation must have improved considerably. No cold toes and I can work overhead again. Muscles don't tire as fast. Changed my life for the positive.
quit  Naomi McCoy on 02-17-2012
quit  Leslie from KY on 02-14-2012:
quote35 years smoking analogs - haven't wanted to smoke much since I got my e-cigs! This is a miracle. NOTHING else has come close to working for me. I will be totally smoke-free soon. Right now, I'm just hanging on for the psychological aspect, not the smoke. lol I only smoke maybe 2 regular cigarettes a day now, though...and for many years I've been a 2 pack a day chain-smoker!!! NOT BAD!!!! This should reach more people - it is saving lives, no doubt about it!
quit  Doug from CA on 02-09-2012:
quoteI made the switch and am never looking back. This is the answer for those looking to quit smoking once and for all.
quit  misty densmore from ALASKA on 02-08-2012:
quit  Nathanial Benton from Kalamazoo, MI on 02-04-2012:
quoteBeen on ecigs for a year now.. They've changed my life.
quit  Linda from Va on 02-02-2012:
quoteI smoked for 40 years. I quit smoking cigarettes 11 times in 10 years, but couldn't make it stick....UNTIL I got my Starter Kit from Vaper4Life. I love vaping SO much better than smoking. There is a variety of flavors (even flavors that taste like tobacco!). And, I still get nicotine, if I want it. I have an option of different strengths of nicotine, too. I was with other Ecig companies, but am now at home with Vapor4Life...their Customer Services is out of this world. If I can quit, ...
quit  David from NC on 02-01-2012:
quoteE-cigs make quitting real cigs easy!
quit  Nancy from MA on 01-31-2012:
quoteHave been using for about a year. Good results from vapor cigs to keep me away from the 'bad' other.
quit  Alycia from Utah on 01-26-2012:
quotemy prosmoke cigarette is amazing. My wife and I are finally smoke free and I couldnt recommend electronic cigarettes or prosmoke enough!
quit  John from Ky on 01-24-2012:
quoteI do feel better, my sense of smell is back and it feels great not to stink like smoke anymore. Been smoking digitally since 12-27-11!
quit  Davis from AZ on 01-24-2012:
quoteI feel so much healthier. I have more energy. And being able to smoke inside is ultra nice.
quit  Burt from Florida on 01-20-2012:
quoteLove my Smokeless Image Volt!! Never felt or smelled better!
quit  Pierre Emond on 01-19-2012:
quoteLove my Apollo e-cigs!!!
quit  Kathy from NM on 01-18-2012:
quoteLove that I don't smell like nasty regular cigarettes and my lungs are starting to feel much better. I'm not looking to quit because I love smoking I just wanted a better alternative. This is a great alternative for those that don't want to quit smoking regular cigarettes but should.
quit  A Beyer from AZ on 01-15-2012
quit  Patrick from TX on 01-13-2012:
quotemy non-smoking wife likes the way I smell now.
quit  Jordan from Illinois on 01-13-2012:
quoteSuccessfully quit smoking at 23, My family cant believe I actually stopped and my friends are jealous they are still slaves to the tobacco.
quit  Josh Cunningham from PA on 01-13-2012
quit  John from NJ on 01-09-2012
quit  Sandro Massari from Tennessee on 01-07-2012:
quoteI quit smoking and now I don't crave cigarettes anymore
quit  David Steinberg from Miami Beach on 01-07-2012:
quoteI quit smoking easily. Now with zero Nicotine and it's great. However most products are poorly manufactured. But it;s a very helpful friend if you are drinking at a bar and have cravings.
quit  Cristin levatino from Connecticut on 01-06-2012:
quoteThis is awesome! I'm going to Tweet and share this link every where ;) Being tobacco free makes me feel awesome and smell awesome too.
quit  Jordan from NJ on 01-05-2012:
quoteDefinitely helped me begin to quit, down to 4 real cigs a day from 15. Love the E-Cig!
quit  Teala Fonseca from Ohio on 01-04-2012:
quoteHelped me quit. Smoke free 4 months.
quit  Mark Wales from Phoenix, AZ on 12-30-2011:
quoteAfter 45 years, I am smoke free! Feel much better, no more going outside every hour, no more smell, and saving big bucks. Family elated, fascinated with how ecigs work...can't believe they are the one thing after so many attempts/methods to quit that I finally found the magic bullet.
quit  Sandy C from TX on 12-28-2011:
quoteI finally found a way to quit!
quit  Eddie from NC on 12-27-2011:
quoteNo more smell! My wife loves it! :)
quit  Jen from Hartford on 12-27-2011
quit  Owen from Los Angeles on 12-26-2011:
quoteecigs are great! is a user-generated service and the testimonials displayed on are posted by independent third parties not under the control of makes no representations as to the effectiveness or safety of electronic cigarettes or cigars and does not endorse or affirm the content any of the testimonials located on its website.

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