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Crown 7 User Reviews, Expert Review, and Product Details

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Price per Cartridge (*): $4.00
One Cartridge equates to: 1.5 - 2 packs
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days minus 20% restocking
LED Color: red 
Crown 7

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Crown 7 Starter Kit & Accessories
Tobacco and Menthol

Nicotine Levels
High (18mg), Medium (12mg), Light (6mg), Zero (0mg)

Misc. Info

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Crown 7 Reviews

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on July 16 2013:icon post comment    new window

Battery Life RatingBattery Life
Amount of smoke/vaporSmoke/Vapor
Customer ServiceCust. Service
Cost / ValueCost/Value
I have been using Crown7 products since 2007.
I have tried all the others and they do not compare to taste and smoke.

on July 16 2012:icon post comment    new window

Battery Life RatingBattery Life
Amount of smoke/vaporSmoke/Vapor
Customer ServiceCust. Service
Cost / ValueCost/Value
I've tried numerous e-cigarettes in the belief that pricier is better. But this isn't the case. I've tried Smoking Everywhere, Greensmoke, Ecocigs, and others that are now in the trash. They cost about as much as two cartons, yet they last maybe two hours, only produce vapor with water added,fall apart, and the customer service doesn't exist. But these this products are cheap, last 4-5 hours on a full charge, produce huge amounts of vapor, taste great, and feel real. All for the price of 8 packs. The cartridge lasts for about one and a half packs worth and with the juice added to the extras, they last as long as five cartons! That's value. And customer service? I emailed them at one in the morning about a couple dying batteries and got an email asking for my address so they could send my replacements at 9:30 that morning! No sending in the product, no forms, just good honest service. Before you think durability might be an issue, know these things have taken a beating for the past month and the other is fine as fine can be. And to top it off they're located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Can't get better than American made.

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Expert Review

Crown Seven (C7) electronic cigarettes welcome a mixture of luxury and convenience in a rapidly expanding field. Each C7 device is well engineered using the latest technological advances to produce a realistic smoking experience that's tar, odor and tobacco free. In addition to superior craftsmanship, C7 supplies functional accessories to further supplement vaping enjoyment, pleasing even the most finicky of e-cigarette users. Whether you're purchasing an Electronic Cigarette Kit for the first time or simply need to trade up, C7 offers multiple options to aid the process.

Crown 7 is a two piece electronic cigarette system that utilizes a 3.3 volt Lithium-ion, rechargeable battery. Batteries are available in one, 2 3/4 inch length. In most cases batteries have a life span of about 300 recharges before purchasing a new battery will be necessary. During normal use an entirely charged battery will provide 3 hours of continuous vaping enjoyment before recharging is needed. A ten-second automatic shut off is implanted in each device to prevent battery burn out. The plastic LED tip will flash 10 times prior to this action, alerting the user to potential over usage or heating. Battery recharging can take between 1.5 and 2 hours, although the average time has been closer to 1 hour. C7 advises against leaving a battery attached to a power source for prolonged periods of time, over charging a battery could cause a significant decrease in vapor productivity and future recharges.

E-liquids are an excellent way to create a customized flavor, enhance vaping pleasure and extend refillable cartomizer life. An e-liquid purchased from any retailer can be used with C7 cartomizers. However, C7 lists 12 popular flavors on their website for added customer convenience and one stop, e-cigarette shopping. E-liquid flavors currently available are: Regular USA, Vanilla, Clove, Menthol, Strawberry, Grape, Red Bull, Chocolate, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Cherry and Espresso. Ingredients are listed as: Propylene Glycol, Water, Nicotine and Flavor. All e-liquids are obtainable in one 15 ml size and 1.8% or Full Nicotine. Containers are crafted with a small drip tip attached making the application of a few single droplets, on the reverse side of a cartomizer, effortless and mess free. Personally, I found C7 to present full-bodied flavors that are a realistic representation of their label names. In fact, the Clove flavored e-liquid is so convincing that while vaping it briefly induced a memory of smoking genuine Clove Cigarettes.

If your ideal vaping routine includes not being a slave to battery charging or if charging methods aren't readily available, I'd highly suggest disposable electronic cigarettes. A Crown Seven disposable e-cigarette is individually packaged, will arrive ready to use and provides vaping enjoyment equal to about 40 analog cigarettes. This device is approximately 4 3/4 inches long, slightly thicker than rechargeable units and will create a deep vapor that's satisfying. Disposable e-cigarettes are only available in Menthol or Tobacco flavor and 1.8% Nicotine, or Full strength. When this e-cigarette no longer creates vapor, simply toss it in a recycling bin and open a fresh package.

Are you looking to wade slightly deeper in to the e-cigarette world, but not quite ready to commit with a huge array of accessories? If this sounds accurate, then a slightly enhanced Starter Kit would be the best item to purchase. C7 offers the perfect Starter Kit for this scenario, the Hydro Imperial. The Hydro Imperial Starter Kit includes: 1 White or Black colored Automatic Battery, 1 USB Charger, 1 Mini User Manual and 2 Cartomizers. All cartomizers are color coordinated to match the battery. One completely assembled C7 e-cigarette is approximately 4 1/4 inches long. Cartomizer choices are Menthol or Tobacco and are singularly available in 1.8% Nicotine. All pieces arrive in an organized, storage box that resembles a traditional cigarette pack. If Nicotine content is an issue, cartomizer replacement sets are available in a varied milligram range, beginning with 18 mg for High and descend to 12 mg, 6 mg and Zero. Additional cartomizers in either preceding flavors are sold in packages of 5 and are triple sealed to maintain freshness. Furthermore, Crown Seven cartomizers are expressly made to be topped off.

For electronic cigarette users who require supplementary accessories with their e-cigarette purchase, C7 offers a type of luxury Starter Kit. With a smorgasbord of accessories included, the C7 LXE Starter Kit is guaranteed to have the owner vaping like a Professional in no time. The LXE Kit contains: 1 Hydro Imperial Kit, 1 additional battery, 2 Cartomizer Refill Boxes (each with 5 pieces), 1 Car Adapter, 1 AC Adapter and 1 Carrying Case. The personal carrying case is enclosed in black fabric that's a kin to vinyl, measures smaller than a Men's single bi-fold wallet, and is manufactured from a metal alloy for extreme durability. The Sand colored interior is softly lined with velvet like fabric and securely holds one battery, two cartomizers and a USB Charger. This carrying case, like other accessories mentioned, is readily available for individual purchase.

During this Crown Seven review I didn't incur any plausible issues. Therefore, my personal conclusion for each of the electronic cigarettes mentioned is positive. Each e-cigarette choice is uncomplicated to use and most importantly, re-creates an authentic smoking experience. It's my opinion that C7 will, without a doubt provide an in depth vaping experience to an assortment of individuals with diverse preferences.

Reviewed by .

Disclosure: Our experienced freelance reviewer received the product for free and got paid by to write the review. The reviewer expressed her own opinion about the product. She was asked to write an honest review. She was not asked to write a positive review nor a negative review. Your experience with the reviewed product may differ.

The product listed is this review was provided by Crown 7 ('Company') free of charge but we did not not agree to provide the Company with a favorable review in exchange for this product. This website takes pride in its independence and reviews all products on a neutral basis.

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Full Product Details & Customer Service Information

E-Liquid / Smoke Juice
Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or
Propylene Glycol (PG)  
IngredientsPrimarily propylene glycol, water, nicotine and flavor.
Battery - Colors, LED, Type, Dimensions
2/3 Piece2
Battery Color(s)white 
Battery Typeauto
LED Color(s)red 
Crystal LEDNo
Battery Length
Battery Diameter
USA Made
USB Pass-throughNo
Personal Charging CaseNo
Customer Service
Internation ShippingNo
Toll Free Phone480-348-7899
Live ChatNo
Help 365Ask a question now!
Information above may be incorrect or outdated. Please verify all information on the seller's website before purchasing.

Product Images

Crown 7 E-Cig

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